How to Find an SSA Office

It is possible to find a Social Security office in any state of the U.S. Furthermore, there are often numerous Social Security office locations in a given area that residents can choose from. Thus, locating a branch is simple. The most convenient way for Social Security benefits applicants to find an office is by conducting an online search. If this is not possible, they have the option of calling the Social Security Administration (SSA) toll-free number for assistance.

After inquiring, “Where is a Social Security office near me?” Residents wonder about the additional services that the SSA offers. Often, prospective benefits recipients seek to submit an application for a particular benefit that the administration provides such as Medicare. However, they may not be aware of the other service that they can find at these offices. Continue reading below to learn about finding an SSA office and discover the variety of services offered at each branch.

How to Find a Social Security Office

A Social Security office can be located using two primary methods. Residents can either conduct an online search or call the SSA. Read below to learn about these two methods in greater depth.


The most convenient method of locating Social Security offices is online. There are numerous online resources that residents can use to find a local SSA branch. One way is to conduct a general search for a nearby Social Security office locations on the internet.

To accurately complete an online search for a “Social Security office near me,” residents can utilize a search engine, such as Google. Furthermore, by enabling location settings, the search engine will be able to show you the nearest office locations without you entering an address. On the other hand, it may be more beneficial to manually input an address. This is especially true if you are seeking to visit an office that is not in your area.

Conversely, applicants can find an office directly through the Social Security Administration. Primary information that the SSA’s search engine utilizes is the user’s ZIP code. Using this, the search engine will identify the nearest office to the inquiring resident.

By Phone

Residents can find a Social Security office by calling the SSA telephone number. This method can be helpful for those who do not have access to a computer or regular internet connection. By calling the Social Security Administration, residents will be able to find a convenient branch office location by speaking with an operator or using the menu items.

What Services Can You Get at SSA Offices?

Social Security offices offer several services to residents and allow them to submit a variety of applications for different SSA benefits. Read the sections below to learn about what SSA offices offer to residents who visit them.

About Medicare

Residents who need assistance applying for Medicare can visit their local SSA branch location. This program is open to residents who are 65 years of age and older and certain other applicable residents. At an office, Social Security Medicare applicants will be able to speak with an SSA Medicare representative and get all of their questions answered. Moreover, an SSA agent may be able to offer assistance with the application. However, residents must make sure to schedule an appointment ahead of time if they want to receive assistance.

About Social Security Cards

At a Social Security office, residents can obtain a Social Security card. At a branch office, U.S. citizens and qualifying non-citizens can:

  • Apply for a new Social Security card.
  • Correct an existing card.
  • Obtain a replacement Social Security card.

When residents apply for a Social Security card in person, they must arrive with their completed application form and original documents in their possession. Different documents will be required depending on an applicant’s citizenship status and purpose for visiting. For example, the documentation required to replace a Social Security card for U.S. born child younger than 18 years of age who is a U.S. citizen includes:

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship.
  • Identity of the child.
  • Identity of the parent or guardian.

In addition, it is essential to update or replace a Social Security card if you get a name change. This process can be completed at an SSA branch for free as with any Social Security card service.

About Disability Insurance

Residents who are seeking Social Security disability benefits can visit their nearby SSA office to fill out an application. Applicants can find a local office by utilizing the search methods mentioned in previous sections. Then, they must make an appointment at their local office. Otherwise, they may not be able to submit their application at the branch.

Residents seeking to submit their applications for disability benefits must remember to bring certain documents with them. Otherwise, they may be asked to schedule another appointment.

About Supplemental Security Income

Another service that residents can find at an SSA office is assistance with applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. This program is for low-income adults with disabilities and seniors. While many find it more convenient to fill out a Social Security application for supplemental income online, submitting one in person can help applicants make sure that they filled it out correctly. At an office, a representative will be able to explain the benefits that applicants can receive if they are accepted.

How to Report a Death

At a Social Security office location, residents are able a report the death of a spouse and apply for survivor benefits. In fact, residents may only report a death directly to an SSA representative and cannot do so online.

Through this SSA office service, survivor benefits applicants can obtain detailed information about eligibility requirements, payments and how it affects retirement. Moreover, applicants can find out how a divorce affects their survivor benefits and how to appeal if their application is denied.

About Retirement

A Social Security application for retirement is available for residents who have reached the minimum retirement age and met other important criteria. Filling out a retirement form in person enables applicants to ask an SSA representative directly about any confusing sections.

As with any in-person Social Security Administration procedure, residents must schedule an appointment prior to visiting a branch. Otherwise, they may be turned away or be required to wait for an extended period of time.