How to Start as a Driver for Uber or Lyft

Becoming an Uber driver is an easy way for individuals to earn a supplemental income. They can be their own bosses and work hours that are convenient for them. Additionally, there is always a demand for ride-sharing services. Thus, motorists can rely on their Uber customers in case they separate from their jobs or decide to quit. On the other hand, residents can become a driver for Uber Eats if they are not comfortable transporting strangers.

Applying to be a Lyft driver is also common. This rideshare app is very similar to Uber, as it allows residents to earn an additional income by providing driving services to passengers. The differences between the two ride-sharing providers are minimal and based more on personal preferences than any obvious disparities. Keep reading below to learn how you can drive for one of these rideshare companies and determine which option is best for you.  

How to Drive for Uber

In order to become an Uber driver, a motorist must sign up through the Uber app. Residents must meet the minimum requirements as well as ensure their car qualifies. Read the sections below to learn about how to be a driver for this company and other important information.

Learn About the Uber Driver Requirements

Residents must meet Uber driver requirements before they can begin offering ridesharing services to passengers. First, motorists must be of legal driving age. Depending on the state, this is typically 18 to 21 years of age. Moreover, residents seeking to drive for Uber must have at least one year of driving experience with their license. Additionally, those who are younger than 23 years of age must have at least three years of licensed driving experience.

Furthermore, every Uber driver is required to have a valid state driver’s license in addition to proof of state residency. Motorists operating their own cars must have proof of financial responsibility in addition to a valid vehicle registration. In some cases, Uber may help potential drivers obtain a car loan to purchase a new vehicle.

However, they are not required to use their own cars in order to qualify. Drivers are permitted to rent or lease vehicles or use another resident’s automobile.

Finally, Uber driver qualifications specify that applicants must pass a background check. They will need to supply a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to do so. Uber uses a third party to conduct the background check and it takes approximately 21 days to complete. Residents must not have any drug-related offenses, driving under the influence (DUI) charges or automobile accidents that resulted in death on their record.

Learn About Car Requirements for Uber Drivers

Uber drivers must operate vehicles that meet the company’s requirements. There are five categories of vehicle services that drivers can offer and each has its own set of qualifications. The purpose of these differences is to offer passengers a variety of riding experience. Additionally, these requirements enable drivers with newer and luxury vehicle to earn more when they drive for Uber. The following are the various car categories and their basic requirements:

  • UberX – Vehicles under this category must have been manufactured within the past 10 years and have four doors with five seats.  
  • UberXL – Automobiles that qualify under this category must be SUVs or minivans and seat at least six passengers.  
  • UberSELECT – Known as UberPlus in certain cities, these cars must be luxury sedans with leather or vinyl interiors. They must seat four passengers.  
  • UberBLACK – Also known as UberSUV, these automobiles must have black interiors and exteriors and be in excellent condition.
  • UberLUX – Only luxury brands such as Tesla, Porsche or Rolls Royce will be accepted under this category. However, this service is not available in all cities.

Uber driving requirements require automobiles to be manufactured within a certain timeframe depending on the city. This time frame can be between 10 and 15 years from the manufacturing date to qualify. However, luxury vehicles are usually required to be more recent. Furthermore, all vehicles that Uber drivers use must pass an inspection. These are available at Uber activation centers, certain gas stations and mechanic shops.

How to Drive for Uber Eats

Motorists can also apply to drive for Uber Eats if they do not wish to offer ridesharing services but are still interested in earning an income through the app. The process to begin delivering for Uber Eats is the same as it is for ridesharing. The only difference is that applicants select to make deliveries rather than offering rides. Additionally, drivers are permitted to operate vehicles that were manufactured in 1999 or later and/or have at least two doors.

How to Drive for Lyft

In order to be a Lyft driver, applicants must register and be approved by the company. There are a number of requirements that motorist must meet before they can drive for this company. Drivers will need to open a bank account in order to accept payment for services rendered. Read the sections below to learn about the qualifying criteria.

Learn About the Lyft Driver Requirements

There are specific Lyft driver requirements that interested motorists must meet before they can begin picking up passengers. However, driver requirements are highly variant among states and several cities. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age to qualify as a Lyft driver. In addition, they must have a valid driver’s license that they have been carrying for at least one year.

Furthermore, requirements specify that prospective drivers must pass both background and driving record checks. This step may take several weeks. Additionally, applicants are required to have car insurance in their state that has their name on the policy. Moreover, additional qualifications must be met if motorists wish to offer luxury ride experiences for passengers and earn more money.

Learn About the Lyft Driver Car Requirements

In addition to the Lyft driver requirements, automobiles used to carry passengers must also be approved. Vehicles used to drive for Lyft must be manufactured within a certain time period, such as with the past 10 years. Additionally, all automobiles used for ridesharing are required to have at least four doors and seats. However, different cities enforce different model specifications. Moreover, there are different criteria that vehicles must meet if driver wishes to offer luxury ridesharing services:

  • Lyft Lux – Qualifying vehicles must be models from 2013 or later.
  • Lux Black – These must be black luxury vehicles that are 2015 models or later and must seat at least four passengers.
  • Lux Black XL – Must be a qualifying black luxury vehicle and fit up to six passengers.

Lyft requirements establish that vehicles used for Lyft must display the company emblem on the bottom corner of the windshield on the passenger’s side.