Learn About the Best Banks for Checking Accounts in 2020

In order to discover the best checking accounts, you need to know how they function. Checking accounts are generally used for transactions such as purchases or withdrawals. They are deposit accounts that hold your money so you can make these transactions. Checking accounts are also quite liquid because of the numerous places you can access them. Because of this accessibility, it is important to find the best checking account offers.

One of the most common places to sign up and manage bank accounts is on the internet. Finding banks with the best online checking accounts is essential for optimum online banking. There are also banks that offer checking accounts without having to pay fees or deposits. You can discover how to get these top offers in the sections below.

Learn About the Best Overall Checking Accounts

The best checking accounts should offer no monthly fees or simple ways to waive these fees. They also offer cash bonuses when you create a new account with them. Here are two banks that provide top services for new checking accounts.

About Capital One

Opening a Capital One checking account online can provide access to their 360 checking account online program. They provide online and mobile checking without any fees. Capital One also has no minimums, so your account can be at zero and your account will remain open. There are also 39,000 ATMs around the United States that can be used without a paying a fee.

Capital One, a bank with top online checking accounts, allows check deposits on its mobile app and the option to set up automatic payments. If you do decide to get the mobile application, you can receive alerts and messages about any account activity.

About Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is primarily known as an investing platform, but the bank also offers online checking accounts, as well as savings accounts and certificates. Charles Schwab checking is considered to have one of the best ATM reimbursement programs with unlimited fee reimbursements domestically and abroad. An ATM reimbursement fee is when you are charged a fee when you use an ATM to withdraw money. These fees are usually applied when using an out-of-network ATM, and those fees would be reimbursed by the bank at the end of a statement cycle.

Apart from the unlimited ATM reimbursement, the Charles Schwab checking account allows you to earn 0.40 percent of annual percentage yield without monthly fees or minimum balance requirements.  Furthermore, when you sign up for one of the best checking accounts at Charles Schwab, you receive a brokerage account. However, you are not obligated to use the brokerage account

Learn About the Best Checking Account Offers

When you are looking to open a new checking, finding the best checking account proposals should be an essential part of your search. Cash bonuses are used by banks and financial institutions to differentiate themselves from competitors. Although cash bonuses seem like good deals, it is important to read the fine print.

About Discovery

When you open a new Discovery checking account, you can receive a cashback debit offer. You can apply for a debit card with the bank and you may earn up to one percent cash back on $3,000 in debit card purchases every month. If you are looking for online checking accounts, the Discover cashback checking bonus, you can receive one of the best checking account offers with Discover by earning back $360 a year in cashback bonus.

Opening a Discover checking is a good idea for those seeking a low-fee ATM debit card for international use. There are over 60,000 ATM locations across the United States, and they do not have a fee.

About Chase

Opening a new Chase Sapphire Checking account can earn you a $750 cash bonus. You can apply for the checking account online or in person at a Chase branch. In order to earn the bonus, you must submit a total of $75,000 or more in qualifying new money in a combination of checking, savings and investment accounts. The balance must be maintained for at least 90 days. Chase will send the bonus within 10 days of meeting all the requirements.

Learn About the Best Checking Accounts for Business

When searching for the top checking account for your business, it is important to think about what benefits these banks can offer to their business, especially when they are free business checking accounts.  Factors like monthly fees, transaction fees and ATM fees are just some of the few considerations for business checking account. Below are some of best checking accounts you can have for your business.

About Chase

Chase has one of the largest networks with about 16,000 ATM locations and 5,000 branches across the U.S. This bank does not require a minimum deposit to open an account and you can have no fees if you maintain $500 monthly balance in your checking account.

This is the best checking account for business for those who have access to a Chase bank, whether online or in person. Chase also provides $5,000 in deposits every month. This can be helpful for account holders who have businesses that makes several transactions. The Chase bank does have a monthly fee but can be waived when you maintain a balance of $1,500.

About Capital One

Capital One checking account for businesses are made for businesses looking for low costs. It is ideal for business owners who want to make several transactions per month since there is no transaction fee. Capital One also carries thousands of ATMs with more 39,000 of them around the country but they only have 750 physical locations. The monthly fee is $15 and you do not pay anything for the first $5,000 deposit.

Learn About the Best Checking Accounts for Students

Wells Fargo and Chase offer the most popular checking accounts for students who need to pay or prepare for student loan repayments. Wells Fargo also has the most widespread banks in the country, with the most branches to date. Although some of their brick and mortar branches are closing, they still offer a wide range of accounts for students. There are no monthly fees and the minimum opening deposit is $25.

If you are looking for accessibility, Wells Fargo is a viable option. Chase offers some of the best free checking accounts as well as great student accounts. Chase’s accounts do not have a monthly fee for up to five years. They also provide a cash bonus of $100 when you open an account with them. This offer is valid at the time this article is being written but may change in the future.

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