Easy ways to get cheap cable and internet

In today’s economic climate its always a good thing to save a buck here and there. Often when we are looking at cutting down costs we start with the luxuries. 

In the past perhaps this would mean going without cable TV or internet however in the modern day let’s be honest going without access to cable TV or internet is not really an option, and it definitely doesn’t have to be. 

With the new-age market we as the consumer have the advantage where we have access to companies competing with each other, and a multitude of varying packages and campaigns. 

With a touch of ingenuity, out of the box thinking and a frugal approach there are ways to get cheaper cable and internet in your household. Just think saving anything between $10-$30 a month could end up saving you between $120-$360 a year! 

Any extra dollar in your pocket is a win, especially when you can relax with it whilst enjoying your cable or internet. In this article we are going to have a look at some savvy ways to cut down your cable and internet fees. 

1. Purchasing your own Modem or Router 

One of the costs that can add up when you join a cable or internet service are the rental fees they charge every month just for using their equipment. 

A company can charge you anything between $10 – $30 a month just in rental for using the router or modem that they set up when you join their service. 

Even though the initial out of pocket costs might seem vast, you will definitely end up saving in the longterm, saving anything between $200-$400 over a two year contract. 

You can purchase your own modem or router from your service provider, or an electronics store, but be sure to check the requirements of your cable or internet prior to purchasing the equipment in order to make sure its adequate. 

Your service provider might advise against this but remember its your money, and they’re just potentially trying to make more money off your contract. 

2. Combining your cable and Internet packages

The key to finding cable or internet that is wallet friendly is taking advantage of the competition between providers in your area. 

One of the advantages to competition is that you will often be privy to more special package prices or campaigns that the provider will be offering to outdo their competition. Very often these campaigns promote combining your cable and internet in one package making it more affordable for you to have both. 

This could have something to do with the dwindling cable subscriptions due to streaming services that are cheaper and more popular. Thus the provider will offer a cable subscription in addition to your internet subscription at a reduced price, so it works out cheaper to have both rather than just subscribing to an internet service. 

Bundling your services with the same provider is definitely a cost-effective way to reduce your fees. 

Be sure to check the fine print when subscribing to a bundled package to ensure that no hidden costs are being implemented behind the scenes. 

3. Reduce the frills

Another simple way to save money on your cable and internet packages are to reduce the frills. 

This can apply more to cable than internet, often when we sign up for a service we very quickly discover the channels we use the most and those that are never used. The ideology you will need to get behind is waste not want not. 

Essentially why would you pay premium prices for a channel you never watch? By unsubscribing or customising your cable package you could cut down anything from $20-$50 on your package. 

The service providers are counting on you trusting them to design your package, however as a savvy consumer you have the right to pay for what you want only. Also look at the extra services that might be included in your package that you don’t actually need, such as DVR. 

This could also come in to context with the internet packages. If you enjoy streaming and consume a high internet usage then of course you should pay for a high-speed line, however if you want internet access just for basics like school research and email correspondence don’t be persuaded to pay for more than you need. Customise your service to your needs. 

4. Combining new services

Keep in mind that the TV industry is evolving and make sure that you are fully aware of your preferences. For example if prefer streaming services rather than the traditional cable tv approach, you could save quite a bit of money just by reducing your cable and subscribing to streaming service. 

A new trend in saving when it comes to television entertainment is accessing streaming services. Now keeping in mind that you can save by bundling your cable and internet services, you might also want to subscribe to a popular streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime or HBO Now, just to name a few. 

So in essence you’re faced with the dilemma of having cable that you don’t watch but need to reduce your internet costs…The solution? Downsize your cable to the absolute basics. 

By reducing your cable package you can save on entertainment that you’re not accessing, whilst being able to subscribe to your favourite streaming service. 

That way you have your discounted internet service, cable and streaming access all whilst saving. 

5. Awareness and Negotiation

Another way to ensure that you are getting the best deal for your pocket is to stay in contact with your provider and being aware of your bill. 

It’s very important to ensure your contract hasn’t expired, and that you’re not being charged more than you should be. 

Also through communicating and being aware of any upcoming specials you could inquire as to why you are paying the fees you are, therefore holding the service provider accountable for passively charging you more than they should.